WHAT: Full-service planning and consulting for association events. You name it, we do it! We greatly appreciate the clients and partnerships we currently have in place. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about YOUR event and/or consulting needs as well!

WHEN: Year-round. We balance our workload based on client event timing and our team resources. We also strive to ensure your business is the best fit for MeetingWise – both for us and for you. If you approach us with an event we cannot effectively partner on, we will be forthright with that information and will do our best to refer you to our associates.

WHERE: When not on-site for an event, our team works virtually, and we have team members in multiple states. As we are in four different time zones, we don’t have specific office hours but we are available Mon-Thurs every week. Barring emergencies, Fridays are saved for internal meetings and project work so that we may be 100% available to our clients and vendors at other times. Our focus is on services within the USA.

Email & Phone: Email is best and, though we allow up to three business days for reply on non-urgent matters, we generally reply within four (4) business hours. To reach us by phone, call (310) 937-9473 and utilize the extensions listed below along with email addresses.

Tracy Leggio Newell, President & CEO
x101 or (310) 283-5916 mobile

Stacey Boswell, Sponsor / Exhibitor, Marketing and Conference App Management
X104 or (361) 550-2797 mobile

Hollie Grimaldi Flores, Program & Speaker Management
X106 or (530) 263-4164 mobile
Kathy Azevedo, Registration Management

Jenn Cummings, Planner (OTC ’24)

Shanin Martin, Planner (all clients except OTC ‘24)
x102 or (530) 913-2334 mobile

Mail: MeetingWise LLC, 202 Circle Oaks Drive, Burnet, TX 78611

WHY: There’s a two-part response to this one.

Why the Owl? People who exhibit Owl characteristics value quality and live by the motto, "If you're going to do something, do it right the first time." They are logical, systematic, and conscientious. Naturally deep thinkers, Owls are great at complex projects where organization is key to success. The similarities between the Owl characteristics and our MeetingWise team strengths made for an easy choice – we are wise owls when it comes to events!

Why do we do what we do? That’s easy! We love it and… we’re good at it. It’s that simple.

WHO: Our expertise lies primarily with providing services to state, regional and national associations. Aside from our many years of events with multiple clients, Tracy spent over ten (10) years in association meeting planning and management before starting MeetingWise LLC in 2001. We understand the unique intricacies of working with boards, volunteers and limited staff.

HOW: We have an AMAZING team! Not only those listed above but also our regular vendors, hotel partners, destination partners and others. Our focus is on a quality product, providing the utmost in value to the client and going the extra mile.

Make the Wise choice by taking advantage of our expertise and wisdom.

We’d love the opportunity to work with you!