MeetingWise Value Based Meeting and Event Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Outsource My Meeting? Outsourcing to a professional meeting management company like MeetingWise offers you a proven way to ensure that your financial and operational goals are met. By hiring in independent meeting professional, you are able to complete more tasks in less time while maintaining the integrity of your budget.

What are the benefits of working with MeetingWise over another company? We will be your trusted and reliable partner on the projects we undertake. We create a seamless operation with personal service. We are effective, efficient and dependable. You have our word on it.

My company is located in another state. Does it make sense for me to use a Los Angeles based company for my meeting needs? Probably. With today's technology, it is easy for MeetingWise to service companies all over the country and… we do. We teleconference regularly with our clients, meet with them as needed, fax, e-mail and utilize overnight mail. If, for any reason, we do not feel we can service your account properly, we'll tell you.

I'm an in-house planner. If I hire MeetingWise to assist me with a project, will my boss think I can't do my job? Will I lose control of the project? Absolutely not, on both counts. In fact, your boss will be impressed with your commitment to get the job done with qualified resources and within budget. In turn you will have more time to monitor and control the outcome of the project since you won't have to deal directly with all of the details.