MeetingWise Value Based Meeting and Event Management

Cost vs. Value

Ask Yourself

Who is our audience? Your audience impacts what you do, where you hold your event, transportation issues and more. Size and demographics must also be considered.

What are we trying to accomplish? The type of meeting or event, location, environment, agenda, etc. play an important role in accomplishing your goals and objectives but you need to know what those are first. If you can’t answer the question, "Why would we do this and what do we hope to accomplish with it?" then you need to take a step back and figure that out before you move on.

What are the benefits? Will you be motivating staff to produce? Do you have news to share that might be better shared in an environment other than your office? Is there a training element involved that requires bringing a large group together requiring space and time? Are you trying to project an image? Will doing this event off-site bring benefits you couldn’t achieve on-site?

What are the options for achieving the outcome we desire? After you have answered all of the questions above, you will be able to address this question and determine whether or not an off-site meeting or event is the best choice for you AND where it is best held.

Ask Yourself, "Can we afford NOT to do this?"

If you do not allow for on-going training and education, will your staff be as effective as they can be. Will they be motivated to produce without goals and incentives? Can they keep up with the industry trends and the latest technology on their own? Can you communicate a consistent message without bringing them together? Do you have some of the same challenges in educating your customers?

Training and Incentives vs. Advertising

Meetings, training and incentive trips can and do impact your bottom line… just like advertising. Understanding the value of training your staff and providing them with the incentive to produce will help you to make the right decisions in bringing them together.